Guttering, Downpipes and facias

At Waywell and Sons Roofing we take great pride in being a recommended roofing company for the replacement of your gutters, downpipes, facias and soffits. Is your roofline looking a little tired? Is your gutter leaking? A new gutter and facia would really lift the look of your house and potentially add value to it. A new facia and gutter would really lift the look of your house and it probably wont cost as much as you might think! There are lots of properties in the Manchester area which have old timber facias boards fixed behind the gutter lines, they tend to break down over time due harsh weather conditions as the paintwork peels of and the timber begins to crack. UPVC facia boards are now the material off choice due to their extended life span and improved appearance. A failing facia usually has an impact on the gutter fixed to it and causes it to drop out of line which reduces its performance as a rainwater product. The gutter can sometimes be reused when a new facia is fitted, the facia provides a solid fixing point for the gutter which enables us to create a gradual fall into the down-pipe.

Waywell and Sons Roofing supply and install a wide range of rainwater goods to meet your needs. Our gutters, facias and downpipes are available in a variety of different colours and we provide free quotations. Call us today for you free quote!